Welcome to Middlefield Farm

About the Owner Amanda McQuillen

Wow. Where do I start. I have had a love for horses since I was born. I remember making my parents pull over to look at horses I saw while traveling and speed up in the car to take a look at the trailer in front of us. Some people may understand this and same may not. But I was born to be with horses! I grew up riding locally doing local hunters and dressage. My love for eventing came in middle school when my trainer switched then came dressage. I had purchased a wonderful Trakehner gelding to event but his love for dressage led me there. He was amazing and I was not. I think we fought more than we got along which led me to a new trainer and a start to understanding correct riding. During that time I ended high school and started college. I chose William Woods to further my knowledge and hoped to have a career in horses. That was short lived and I moved back home. Long story! But thank goodness this happened because after 2 years at home it led me to UA. There I went with my dressage horse in tow to this hunter barn. What an eye opener. Its here where I really changed and found my love for jumping again. My event horse, come dressage horse was now my faithful hunter! I learned counting strides and things I should have known for years. We traved to lots of A shows and I rode on UA's intercollegiate team. To be continued......

Flugelgeist and Amanda Myers McQuillen 1993.